• Australian Meats is the world’s largest retail distributor of Australian kangaroo and wild game meat. Based in South Australia, our family owned and operated business is the pinnacle of quality standards for naturally harvested game meats. With a long history in innovation and excellence, Australian Meats is committed to uncompromising produce that is wild harvested.

  • Carefully selecting untouched Australian environments that are rich in native vegetation and abiding by our most stringent quality, ethical and environmentally sustainable processes, Australian Meats are able to ensure consistent, premium game meat not found anywhere else. As the animals are wild harvested in their own environment, this not only reduces stress on the animal
    but produces tender, lean and quality meats rich in flavour, taste and texture.

  • Quality

    The Australian kangaroo and game meat industry upholds some of the strictest health and safety standards in the world in the transport, storage and treatment of animal products. All harvested kangaroos and wild game are processed for meat in government-licenced plants dedicated to game meat processing and are inspected by government or third-party meat assessors. The final product is then subject to micro-biological monitoring to ensure it meets government standards for safety.

  • Environment

    Australian Meats continue to communicate it's ongoing commitment to ethical sourcing and the environmental benefits of consuming naturally harvested meats. Allowing kangaroos to live in their natural habitat rather than confined on farms is better for the animals and better for the natural ecosystem. Importantly, if kangaroo populations were allowed to spiral out of control, many more would die of starvation during times of drought.

  • Community

    Reinforcing the Australian Meats brand promise of being 100% Australian - Demonstrating the proof of this promise will be critical in maintaining the brand’s cultural positioning as an important access point for both customers who enjoy the product range and the communities that naturally harvest the meats. With a branded approach to how Australian Meats also fosters its community of customers, including wholesale customers, we provide the greatest opportunity to build brand loyalty.

Paroo Kangaroo

Paroo Premium Kangaroo, is Australia’s only premium grade kangaroo meat brand. Sourced only from the finest wild game kangaroos from four specific regions - Paroo -Darling (Far West NSW), Warrego River (Queensland) and the North Eastern Pastoral District and Central West region in South Australia. Paroo is the result of years of research and collaboration with chefs to capture flavour and texture profiles that have never been achieved in kangaroo. Carefully selected based on seasonal conditions, water and grasses specific to each region, Paroo kangaroo is Australia’s only premium grade kangaroo meat.  

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Spring Ridge Wild Venison

Spring Ridge Wild Venison is sustainably and ethically sourced Fallow Deer that are carefully selected from the forest and mountain ranges across South Australia and New South Wales. The wild deer roam freely in the natural Australian environment feeding on native vegetation, pastures and the natural springs. The deer are wild harvested in their own environment reducing stress on the animal and producing mild, tender and consistent eating quality meat.

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Thornwood Wild Boar

Thornwood Wild Boar is sourced from the open rangelands of Australia, mostly in NSW and QLD. The wild pigs forage on native vegetation, fruit and a variety of animal material, they are free to roam without confinement and are ethically harvested in their own natural environment. This produces a naturally tender and flavoursome pork, free from added chemicals or hormones. All wild harvested animals are processed in government-licenced plants dedicated to game meat processing and are inspected by government or third-party meat assessors before being passed fit for human consumption.

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Wild Rabbit

We source wild rabbits from the Central Darling area in NSW, they are carefully processed under strict quality standards ready for braising or roasting in your favourite classic rabbit dishes.

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Wild Goat

Ethically sourced from the Far West Region in NSW, wild goat is commonly used in slow-cooked dishes, diced with the bone in and wonderful in curries and braises. We have a range of bone-in and boneless goat products to suit your cooking needs. The wild goat is not Halal.

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