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Our preferred meat supplier.

We just received our second order of the wild goat and venison meats from Australian Meats. The quality is good and delivery always on time with proper packaging, ice pack to keep the meats fresh. I highly recommend Australian Meats.

Paroo Kangaroo Tail
colin maxwell (colcm_t3mf0bpwf)
roo tail

we always bought roo tails from you on our visits to South Australia and our latest purchase lived up to your quality and freshness also the venison was very yummy slow cooked the same way I do lamb shanks haven't cooked the venison osso buck yet but I expect the same quality

Wild Rabbit Portions
Leonie Sonnberger
Delicious tender rabbit.

Having never cooked rabbit before I was a little bit hesitant to try. The rabbit came well prepared cut into serving portions. I then followed the recipe from your website, Creamy braised wild rabbit with cider, bacon, prunes and sage. It was easy to prepare, the rabbit was very tender and sauce was so delicious. 😋

Spring Ridge Venison Boneless Roast
Susana Sanmiquel-Curtichs

Was as described

Whole Wild Rabbit
David Zollo
Great quality

They were very nice and would order again

Wild Rabbit Portions
Evie Liolios

Very tasty!

Good service and on time delivery the best

Delicious Roast!

Hubby rolled this, stuffed it with herbs, and spit roasted it over hot coals for several hours, basting frequently in a rum marinade. 10/10 delicious!

Wild boar mince

Great cut, texture & taste - perfect to mix with beef mince for the best bollognaise!

Paroo Kangaroo Shanks
Herman Pouwels
Large Paroo shanks

The Paroo shanks were great. Cooked in a slow cooker until the meat fell off the bone .

Still in freezer

I haven’t used the goats yet, but I did have the rude tail and made a beautiful stew. I will definitely order it again.

Wild Goat Boneless Roast
Sharon Sherwood
Chewy Goat

There was a lot of gristle and very tough that we couldn't eat it sadly. It was slow cooked and should have been nice and tender. For the price it was disappointing 😞

Very good

Fresh high quality venison

High quality meat

Highly recommend. Great quality. Recommend to tenderise prior to cooking eg marinate with kiwifruit as they are ‘wild’ sourced meats.

Wild Rabbit Portions
Inna Kobeleva

Wild Rabbit Portions

Great quality and the packaging was great

Thornwood Wild Boar Salami (spicy)

Loved it.want to purchase more waiting for a sale

Whole Wild Rabbit
Thomas Wurtemberger
Wild Rabbit

Recipe on your website needs attention, cooking time for the rabbit stew is too long, rabbit gets to dry, otherwise good recipe.

Best ever

Fabulous product and fabulous support by the staff. I love their products advice and support

Tasty venison

I used the venison to make a stir fry to say it was tasty is no exeragtion. It was very tasty and I would definately cook it the same way again

Very good

Wild Goat Boneless Diced
Siva Santhakumar
I liked it

I liked it but my family didn't. They think meat has stong smell. I cooked it as same as I cook goat meat from local butcher.

Thornwood Wild Boar Loin Chop

Game meat. Love it

Meat arrived in cool pack and was delicious