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Spring Ridge Venison

Spring Ridge Venison Shank

Spring Ridge Venison Shank

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Wild venison shanks are flavoursome and meaty cut that will fall off the bone during long slow cooking.

Cooking tips:

  • Suits braises and slow cooking.
  • Suits similar recipes and cooking to lamb shanks or Osso Bucco.
  • Serve with a creamy mash.
  • Try adding fruits such as red currant, quince or tomato.

Packaging & Storage:

This product is vacuum sealed fresh. Once opened, consume within 2 days. You may freeze prior to use-by.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Always makes order and how quick they are if order in the ordering window and very tasty especially my favourite the salami

Fresh Venison

First time ordered Venison and Wild Goat meats. Order were delivered promptly and packing was very good. Meats were so fresh and tender. Highly recommended.

Mark Ferguson

have not had them yet but if there like all the other venison they will be delish

Aaron Barnes
My favourite.

Very meaty. Stew slow cook well.

Excellent slow cooking cut

Recipe used:

Braised well, excellent flavour, marrow at center very buttery and nutty, flaked perfectly. A tender and generous portion of meat (one shank enough for two adults or one very hungry one).

Looks fantastic, thanks for the photo!