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Paroo Kangaroo

Paroo Kangaroo Osso Bucco

Paroo Kangaroo Osso Bucco

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Introducing Paroo Kangaroo Osso Bucco – a delicious, hearty dish perfect for winter or anytime Osso Bucco is calling!  Our kangaroo Osso Bucco is best slow-cooked to perfection, making it melt-in-your-mouth tender. The high amount of connective tissue in this kangaroo cut breaks down during cooking, resulting in a rich, flavour-packed sauce that's perfect for casseroles and ragus. So warm up with satisfying Paroo Kangaroo Osso Bucco – it's sure to become a family favourite!  
Order Paroo Kangaroo Osso Bucco online and have fresh meat delivered to your door with the Australian Meats home delivery service. 

See our delicious WILD OSSO BUCCO recipe.

Cooking tips:

  • Cook it low and slow in stock.
  • Goes well with rich umami flavours such as tomatoes and mushrooms.

Packaging & Storage

This product is vacuum sealed fresh. Once opened, consume within 2-3 days. You may freeze prior to use-by date.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sebastian Dewhurst

Paroo Kangaroo Osso Bucco

Happy Customer
Paroo Kangaroo Osso Bucco

Great product for alternative to the topical Osso Bucco.

Hank Martens

Nicely packed and very tasty


Fell off the bone. Delicious.

Good slow cooking meat

Recipe used:

Good slow cooking kangaroo cut. Not as gelatinous as kangaroo tail but does have more marrow to dig out (always fun, nutty and buttery taste). Superior to venison osso bucco cut by being less coarse and more flavorful, but has less gelatine if you wanted a more viscous stew; also has less marrow (which is a plus if you're conscious about that).

Overall: good slow cut of meat, fairly lean, would combine with another cut like kangaroo tail in a slow cooker recipe for some variation in texture.